Stable Oak is not only a beautiful retreat in the heart of the Kent countryside, but also home to a number of friendly animals. Read on to find out more about our animals and what makes them so special…

Our Alpacas

We have six alpacas at Stable Oak – the youngest, Oreo, is just a baby, and loves bouncing across the field. Though closely related to llamas, our short-haired alpacas are about half the size of their llama cousins, but no less friendly. Read our blog post to find out more about alpacas.


Our Turkey

Hilda is an old girl now, but no less energetic. She loves patrolling around her patch, which she shares with her fellow feathered friends…

Our Geese

Meggie and Davette are our friendly geese – Meggie, a giant Toulouse, was born here, but Davette is a rescue and loves having so many friends to share his patch with.


Our Chickens

We have a number of cheeky chickens who enjoy getting into unusual places to lay their eggs! We’ll pop a few of our chicken eggs in your hamper of local delights (included in your stay) if our chooks have been helpful and laid the eggs in easy-to-reach spots!


Our Horse

One of Hamish the Horse’s favourite things to do is go for rides up the North Downs. He loves chomping on apples and carrots.


Our Pig

Our pig, Bella, is very friendly and loves meeting new people. She enjoys getting scrubbed down with a brush, and laying in the sunshine. 


Our Sheep

Boo (our white sheep) is around 10 years old – she was what is termed a ‘sock lamb’ – a lamb that didn’t receive enough milk from its mother, so had to be bottle-fed. We also have Bam, who is now 2 years old. Bam is a Ouessant sheep and will only grow to around 18 inches tall!




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