Here at Stable Oak Cottages, we love nature, animals (find out more about our animals here) and all things local to Kent. We clean the cottages using environmentally-friendly methods and use local products as much as possible to help preserve the beautiful countryside around us.

A quick disclaimer: We’re not being paid to advertise any of the products below – we just love using them, and think you might too!

Steam cleaning

We steam clean the cottage carpets, curtains and bathrooms. This means we can avoid using any chemicals in making our cottages lovely and clean for you.

Using eco washing powder

We wash the sheets from our cottages using Ecover washing powder. Ecover don’t test their products on animals, and 50% of their packaging is made from recycled waste (and they’re trying to completely move away from plastic in their products altogether).

Using water with vinegar and lemon

Sometimes, we have to use cleaning products to make our cottages as lovely and clean as you expect them to be. In this case, we clean with natural ingredients – just a splash of vinegar and lemon juice.

Recycling and composting

The rubbish from the cottages gets put into our recycling bins. We also compost all our animals‘ waste for local gardeners to come and collect.

Using local products

A lot of imported cleaning products can have travelled a long way before they get to our homes. That’s why we use local products in our cottages as much as possible. For example, when you come and stay in our cottages you’ll use all-natural soap by local business Wild Soapery. They’re committed to using all-natural ingredients, such as goat’s milk and honey, and use 100% recyclable packaging.

We also put a little pot of local Kent honey into each of the cottages for you to enjoy throughout your stay.


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